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Thanks for the memories Dale Earnhardt.
My Postcard/Hero Card
Collection List

    Below is a list of postcards/hero cards that I have in my personal collection.
    The cards are listed in alphabetical order by the last name.
    None of these cards listed below are for trade, they are my personal hero card collection.
    I have simply created a list of racing drivers/celebrities that I have obtained hero cards of through the years.
    I've made a note next to the name (M = multiples) if I have more then one card for this person (not meaning a duplicate postcard,
    rather possibly a different year card or possibly a different series or sponsor on the same year).
    Many of these I have collected over several years and may have multiple year postcards for the same person.
    Some of them have been autographed or personalized by the celebrity just for me!!!

    If you would like a scan of a particular hero card, I will gladly take a pic and send you a copy.
    Please just email me and ask!!!

    If you have a postcard for trade of a driver or racing celebrity that is not on the list below,
    please contact me as I would love to trade for it to add to my collection. THANKS!

    Please email me at: les@lesracing.com

    Les (:->

    Bruce Allen
    Becca Anderson
    John Andretti

    Ron Barfield
    Stanton Barrett
    Judi Bates
    Andy Belmont
    Johnny Benson
    Joe Bessey (M)
    Greg Biffle (M)
    Dale Blaney
    Dave Blaney (M)
    Geoff Bodine (M)
    Todd Bodine (M)
    Clint Bowyer
    Kenny Brightbill (M)
    Jimmy Broderick
    Ricky Bryant
    Bunny Burkett (M)
    Jeff Burton (M)
    Ward Burton
    Kurt Busch (M)
    Kyle Busch

    Jerry Caminito
    Tom Carey, Jr
    Terry Cook
    Tim Connolly
    Derrike Cope
    Mike Cope
    Rick Crawford
    Nicky Cutro

    Wally Dallenbach, Jr
    Bruce Driver
    Herb Drugg
    Rene Dupuis

    Dale Earnhardt (M)
    Dale Earnhardt, Jr (M)
    Mike Eddy
    Carl Edwards
    Bill Elliott
    Jim Eppler

    Blake Feese
    Ron Fellows
    Ann Fitzgerald
    Ray Franks
    Doug French
    Jeff Fuller

    Harry Gant (M)
    Don Garlits
    Bobby Gephart
    Joe Gibbs
    Tom Gloy
    Scott Goodyear
    Jeff Gordon (M)
    David Green (M)
    Gary Green

    Bobby Hamilton (M)
    Bobby Hamilton, Jr (M)
    Scott Hansen
    Bob Harkey
    Kevin Harvick (M)
    Jimmy Hensley (M)
    Bobby Hillin, Jr
    Andy Hillinburg
    Ron Hornaday (M)
    Andy Houston (M)
    James Hylton

    Coming Soon!

    Lynn St. James
    Dale Jarrett (M)
    Jimmie Johnson (M)
    Wendy Johnson

    Kasey Kahne (M)
    Christine Karns
    Susan Kennedy
    Matt Kenseth
    Steve Kinser (M)
    Bryan Kobylarz
    Larry "Footloose" Koosier
    Don Kreitzer
    Travis Kvapil

    Bobby Labonte (M)
    Justin Labonte
    Terry Labonte (M)
    Randy Lajoie (M)
    Bruce Larson (M)
    Richard Lasater
    Stephen Leicht
    Chad Little (M)

    Dave Marcis
    Sterling Marlin (M)
    Mark Martin (M)
    Rick Mast
    Dick May
    Jeremy Mayfield (M)
    Matt McCall
    Cory McClenathan (M)
    Ryan McGlynn
    Mike McLaughlin
    Jamie McMurray
    Casey Mears
    Patty Moise
    Kristy Morone
    David Moyer

    Joe Nemecheck (M)
    Ryan Newman

    Coming Soon!

    Steve Park (M)
    Hank Parker, Jr
    Cruz Pedregon
    Adam Petty
    Kyle Petty
    Richard Petty (M)
    Skip Poole
    Scott Pruett

    Coming Soon!

    Bobby Rahal
    Fred Rahmer
    Tony Raines
    Boston Reid
    Scott Riggs (M)
    Ricky Rudd (M)
    Johnny Rutherford

    Greg Sacks
    Bob Salathe
    Andy Santerre
    Jay Sauter (M)
    Elton Sawyer
    Rolfe Schnur
    Ken Schrader (M)
    Jason Schuler
    Art Seeger
    Angelle Seeling
    Amanda Sesely
    Ralph Sheheen
    Mike Skinner
    Reed Sorenson
    Jimmy Spencer
    Jack Sprague
    Tony Stewart (m)
    Jeff Strunk
    Lesley Suddard
    Glenn Sullivan

    Randy Tolsma (M)
    Jamie Tomaino

    Coming Soon!

    Brian Vickers
    Auggie Vidovich

    Bryan Wall
    Mike Wallace (M)
    Rusty Wallace (M)
    Darrell Waltrip
    Doc Watson
    Angie Wilson
    Scott Wimmer

    Coming Soon!

    Coming Soon!

    Coming Soon!


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Dale #3, forever in our hearts!
2023, Les Racing's Complete Dale Earnhardt Card List
Born on August 9, 1999
Reborn on February 23, 2001