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Thanks for the memories Dale Earnhardt.
LesRacing's Bad
Traders/Sellers Page

    On this page you will find a list of traders that I have dealt with who have not yet completed their end of our trade.

    There may also be some people listed here that I have had a sale with (auction or private sale) in which they did not complete their end of the sale (they will have the word SALE next to their name).

    I have included the persons name, what trading/sale site the problem occurred on, a nickname or ID (made as current as possible), email info and the last known address where they lived at the time the trade/sale occurred with a description of the crime.

    If you are interested in any further info concerning my transactions with any of these people, please feel free to contact me via my email les@lesracing.com for more details.

    BAD TRADERS / SELLERS LIST: Last Updated 1/2/09

    Currently no traders are on my Bad Guys list, all the traders have been good! Ebay sellers, well that's a different story!

    Jeremy Baker ~ (Bad eBay Seller)
    Last Known eBay ID: cowboy2182f0ys
    Last Known Email Addy: countryboyjb_82@yahoo.com, southerncntry82@embarqmail.com
    Address: 2532 Pleasant Memories Lane, Willow Springs NC 27592-8921
    The Crime: This seller was selling pre-sell racing boxes for less then factory release price and was using eBay Giving Works to donate to Soldier's Angels as the non-profit group to receive donations from his auctions. He sounded like an up an up guy, and I know people that purchsed from him in the past and they received so I thought he might be ok.

    He sold quite a number of auctions for 2009 Press Pass but he failed to deliver on them based on his negative feedbacks now displaying.
    After numerous eBay messages, and attempts to contact him via phone, he turned out to be just what I figured him for, a scammer.
    He tried running a scam with me by sending a Priority Mail Envelope with a shipping label stating it weighed 5lb 0oz, sent USPS Insured with a cost of $10.29. I took close up photos of the envelope unopened & opened as evidence that it did not contain the box of cards I had ordered, but instead a check (soon to be verified as BAD!)
    The envelope did NOT contain the box I purchased, but instead it had in it a check for a full refund. We have the same bank so I immediately took his check to my bank to verify the funds, and was told that it was NO GOOD and not to deposit it.
    Instead I came right back home and filed an eBay complaint and a request for a full refund from PayPal.

    As of today (1/2/09), I was informed by PayPal that I will receive a FULL refund for what I paid the seller in November, 2008 from PayPal. He now becomes PayPal's headache to recover the funds!!!

    I now only buy from eBay sellers diplaying the "Buyer Protection by PayPal" logo in their auctions. I will only pay a seller with PayPal!!! At least there is some peace of mind to know that I will recover my money in such an event as this. I only hope that the other 20 or so eBayer's are able to recover all of their losses as well!!

    I hope that someday I will be able to remove the name(s) from this list, but until my deals have been completed as previously agreed, the names of these people will remain on this list.

    Thanks for looking!
    Les (:->

    Dale #3, forever in our hearts!


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Dale #3, forever in our hearts!
2023, Les Racing's Complete Dale Earnhardt Card List
Born on August 9, 1999
Reborn on February 23, 2001