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Dale Earnhardt


    What do you say when your Idol is gone,
    When his family is left, to carry on.
    What words have the ability to say what I feel,
    About the legend we all know as Dale.

    His ability to intimidate the meanest of tracks,
    The excitement of finding his cards in packs.
    The cool and collective man, that we love,
    How can he, so suddenly, be in heaven above.

    His "shrine" as we called it, when he was living,
    Will never be for sale, for trade or for giving.
    His number will forever remain on my van,
    He still is my Idol, he is still The Man.

    His son at his side, as they tried to revive him,
    His second place excitement, faded and dim.
    Teresa at his side, in the hospital room,
    A day of excitement now filled with gloom.

    What can I say, now that my Idol is gone,
    Well I say that we keep his memory strong.
    I say that we remember the smile, the man,
    I say "Good Bye Dale", from your number one fan.

    the 3 amigos

My Idol

This is just counting the lives touched by Dale Earnhardt...
still countin'.....
so far.


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Dale #3, forever in our hearts!
2016, Les Racing's Complete Dale Earnhardt Card List
Born on August 9, 1999
Reborn on February 23, 2001